Dry Cleaning for Beautiful Rooms

With holiday gatherings just around the corner, consider the overall appearance of the rooms you will be using for entertaining. Many hostesses spend a lot of time planning the menu down to the last detail, and don’t realize that while guests are sitting around their table, they are also taking in the visual beauty of the whole room.

A dining room table can be a planned presentation in itself, using pretty china, a flower arrangement, and fine linens that match or coordinate with the draperies in your room. Before the holidays arrive, take a look around the room with a critical eye, and consider giving your drapes and linens a boost with professional dry cleaning that will have them looking like new again.

Many manufacturers have suggestions for how frequently drapes should be cleaned, but each home is different, depending on the types of heat used, whether there are smokers in the house, and the cooking odors and grease that may become trapped in the fibers.

Dry cleaning your draperies will remove dust and allergens, and help preserve the fabric. Adrian Dry Cleaners can assist with our convenient pickup and delivery of your drapes, and get your rooms looking great for the holidays!