The life of a Wedding dress…

Wedding Gown CleaningYou spend months choosing just the right dress.

You spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars buying your dress.

On the big day you take your vows in it

Have your pictures taken.

Wear it to the reception and then …

  • Spill drinks on it
  • Rub makeup into it
  • Step on it
  • Smear cake onto it
  • Smoke in it
  • Drop food on it
  • Drag it on the floor while dancing all night
  • Then take it off and throw it in the corner

Now what?

You’ve made a big investment. Protect it by having your gown cleaned and pressed by the professionals at Adrian Dry Cleaners.

We will clean, press and have it looking like it did before the wedding.

Cleaned and Pressed Starting at $65.00

Wedding Gown Preservation for Long-Lasting Beauty

Wedding Gown Cleaning PreservationHave our professionals clean, repair, preserve and box your dress to protect your family heirloom forever.

We will inspect your gown, hand clean for spot and stain removal, individually cleaned for quality control, air dried for like-new luster, make any necessary repairs, hand press, stuff with acid free tissue, shape the gown with a bust form layered and secured in a display box.

It is then sealed in an air tight acid free environment and tripled boxed for safe storage.

Wedding gown preservation services help make memories of your special day last longer!