Clothing Alterations Give a Perfect Look

Sometimes, just a little snip or tuck can make a difference in how your clothing fits, and Adrian Dry Cleaners can help with quick clothing alterations on most of your wardrobe. If your hemline has sagged, you’ve lost a button, or a zipper no longer zips, our seamstresses will make things right again.

We work hard to be a full service company, keeping as much work in our local area as possible. It would be inconvenient if you had to take your clothes one place to have alterations or repairs done, and then to another to be laundered or dry-cleaned.

Some common alterations we provide include:

  • Shorten or lengthen sleeves
  • Shorten or lengthen hems
  • Taking sides in or letting them out
  • Taking in the waist or letting it out
  • Repairing buttonholes
  • Replacing buttons
  • Replacing zippers
  • Repairing belt loops
  • Repairing pockets
  • Patching or mending rips and tears

Bring your clothes in with confidence, talk to our staff about the clothing alterations or repairs you need, and let Adrian Dry Cleaners handle the task for you.

zipper, thread, scissors, seam ripper ready to use for alterations on gament
two winter jackets and one varsity jacket drycleaned