Quality Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services

Adrian Dry Cleaners uses the latest dry cleaning technology to give you quality, professional cleaning. And, our cleaning process is environmentally friendly. We’re proud to offer a full range of cleaning services for your garments, household items, boots, purses, and more.

three dress shirts laundered, pressed, folded neatly
three different styles of caps drycleaned

Each piece starts its journey in our store with a thorough inspection. We then tag each item for accountability through the system, and take extra special care to attach the service tag to an inside seam, not to the outer garment area. The tags are coded to let us know how many garments you have within one order, and this ensures that no items are lost or misplaced during the process.

Your garment then begins routing through the appropriate cleaning stations. If it will be dry-cleaned, it is grouped with items of a similar color and weight, and added to our dry clean machine. It receives two baths of perk – the chemical used in dry cleaning – and then a rinse and spin dry.

Oh, and by the way, Adrian Dry Cleaners is environmentally friendly; the dry cleaning perk is chilled, which cleans it again, and then recycled for different batches.

There are additional finishing stations for your clothes, including “Suzie” the form-fitting press for silk dresses, blouses, coats and blazers. This machine steam presses from the inside out; blowing air through the garment to make sure it is completely dry.

The pants station is designed to give the best creases on your pants, while making sure the seams are straight, so they don’t show through.

Hard-pressed jeans are a popular service, which involves steaming out the wet jeans and putting extra heavy starch on them and then pressing them with a hothead press. Truck drivers and workers who wear jeans a lot, especially outdoors, like this method because it allows for dirt to be brushed right off the jeans, giving you more than one wearing before the jeans need to be cleaned again.

All the dry cleaning and laundry work is done on site, which provides a quicker turn around time on your order. You can even schedule the Free Pickup and Delivery Service, which is available if you live within five miles of the Adrian city limits.

Professional dry cleaning

Item tracking throughout our system

Environmentally friendly cleaning process

State-of-the-art equipment

Finishing stations for a professional look

Free pickup and delivery within five miles of Adrian