Professional Shirt Services

Shirt Services Include Laundry and Pressing

Imagine opening your closet to dress for an important meeting today. You select the dark suit – it helps you look fit and trim, and gives a vision of success. There are a few favorite silk neckties that go well with this suit. A crisp, clean shirt ties the professional ensemble together – but is there one suitable in the closet?

Never worry again about having a shirt ready for your next important meeting. Adrian Dry Cleaners have professional shirt services that will give your shirt individualized attention and care to make sure it’s hanging ready in your closet whenever you need it.

Our shirt presser has perfected the skill of laundering, treating, and pressing your shirt so that it is ready for any business challenge you might face.

We make sure to pre-treat any stains on your collars and cuffs, analyzing what the stain is made of and using just the right treatment blend to attack the stain without damaging the shirt. We then carefully wash the shirts, and send them through the finishing stations to get just the right amount of starch you desire – whether it is no starch, light, medium, or heavy starch.

The state-of-the-art pressing machine looks like a huge body that wears your shirt while it blows hot air across the stainless steel surfaces, removing moisture from the fibers while each shirt section is pressed. The machine has silicone padding across the front, where your shirt buttons rest while the shirt is being pressed – this padding ensures that buttons won’t break or crack during the pressing process.

Your shirt receives a quality check during every step of the process, and is carefully hung on a hanger for a final inspection when complete. The cuffs are clipped together in front of the shirt, collar supports are inserted, and the top three buttons are securely buttoned before the shirt receives its protective plastic sleeve, ready for your closet.

The shirt laundry service at Adrian Dry Cleaners is designed to keep the integrity of the fabric while removing stains, dirt and grease from your clothes.

We work hard to make sure our professional shirt services make a difference when you need to look top-notch professional for your day.

row of freshly pressed dress shirts hanging on hangers
three dress shirts laundered, pressed, folded neatly